Amy Jones Jenkins
Mercy Me
September 2015
My current series of paintings is a narrative about real people who’ve been replaced with symbolic characters. Personal stories we all have contain common elements: lost love, divorce, betrayal, regret, revenge, and renewal.  The stories are a type of mental closet cleaning, a catharsis.  Sharing is healing and telling stories is a great Southern tradition.  My series is comparable to Texas “Tall Tales” for telling exaggerated, entertaining stories about life.  This work is called Mercy Me, because I finally got mercy from some major life troubles.  It is necessary to be one to overcome adversity.
This series of acrylic paintings is purposely searching for compositional changes in placing characters within different environments with my favorite complementary color scheme: reds and greens. It is intentionally psychedelic. This series is an example to my art students to learn what a Concentration looks like in an Advanced Placement portfolio. My students inspired me to show them how to "own it" in their work. In other words, create from what you know.