Amy Jones
Farm Narrative
April 2013
This series concentrates on my children and their adventures at the "funny farm" in Milam County, Texas. This work is most often a fantastic “Texas Tall Tale”. As in a tall tale, these re-tellings of experiences and places are not necessarily exact, because they are combined with layered memories, and an exaggeration of everything happening at once. I am working from collected photographic imagery of my children in the landscape, and my children are reminiscent of my brother and myself growing up in Fort Worth, TX. My brother and I had many adventures of corn shucking, crawdad catching, goat chasing, in a landscape of mean billy goats, and cows with big green tongues. Also, found imagery and pop culture/art history is borrowed.  I am interested in collecting a total life experience in a visual narrative. As a result, I will be recording an adventure of actual and imagined common human experiences from people of my generation in Texas.